tomorrow, tomorrow, i’ll be…

August 22, 2003 — Leave a comment

32 tomorrow.

i like birthdays, i`m like a big child, i get excited. i look forward to getting older. i`m not necessarily sure about the wiser, but definitely older. i`m usually somewhat reflective, but on this particular birthday i`m looking ahead, planning on spending the next one as a family with vic and the children. there usually aren`t many gifts, you know the week before people get paid problem, but as long as the company is good, it`s usually fun.

yes, i am a big child, it helps me get through the day, i can be cynical and bitter, but i`ve found approaching the day with a childlike enthusiasm makes it so much better.

for those of you going to jobs that you loathe and despise today, take a moment to visit this site and start you day off with some merriment [actually enjoy it while you`re at work, take your mind off the crap for a moment]

i`m going to take my soon to be 32 ass to the shower, get dress and go to work. i`ll be back with more entertainment as the day progress.

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