i haven`t done shit at work for the day, and i`m pretty damn proud, i don`t feel like and really there is nothing for me do. on top of which, i`m planning on leaving early this afternoon, too.

how do i do it, enquiring minds want to know? be skilled at what you do. i don’t lie, i don`t fake sick, i`m good at my job and when i have something to do, i get it done. so now with little or nothing to do i`m bored out of my skull.

i should be getting my new and improved folio together. yeah, i got biz cards from the office which is usually a sign that i`m about to change jobs. and i got a call from the bank today for the first interview. if do good here, i can look forward to an assessment and the HR interview to see if i`m mentally capable of working for this upstanding organisation. that should be fun.

off to lunch. be back later.

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