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August 10, 2003 — Leave a comment

today has been another exceptional lazy day, i sat, correction, i lay in bed and watched movies for most of the day, i still have the last of triple feature in the computer, but i`m getting that lovely throbbing behind my eye, so i thought i`d give it a rest for a moment. so far today i watched T3 [so, so, nothing write home about] and drumline [which was actually pretty cool, plus i really like orlando jones [no, not the LOTR guy, the hot black guy who started the 7up campaign], still in the computer unwatched is tears of the sun, i`ll get to that in a bit.

i`m going up the caribbean on a site visit tomorrow. it`s one of those good news bad news scenarios, good news is that i get to go antigua for a day, bad news is i`m travelling with my boss. good news i spend the night in a luxury hotel, bad news i spend the day riding around looking at construction sites and listen to people dispense copious amounts of bullshit. well you get the general idea. i have my book to read on the plane and i`ll probably finish on the way there, so i should borrow something from the video store, so i can plug in my headphones and have an excuse to not listen to my boss` ramblings.

i have come to the conclusion, that it`s not my job i despise, it`s my boss. i don`t like stupid people and i think she`s a moron. does that make me a moron for going to work for her? whatever.

it`s a been generally a lovely weekend. the hum is back, it`s like a switch has been flicked, since vic left there has been a sexual thought in my head, i got home last night and my body started humming, i couldn`t wait to get out of my clothes, my dreams were filled memories of vic`s visit. i`m still tingly. i like that feeling, even separated by thousands of miles, victoria can stimulate my body and mind.

while i was waiting for js to come back online after the service interruption, i was cleaning up my bookmarks and following some links and i thought i`d share a few….

in the beginning there was the first blog

an interesting look at image retouching [makes you wonder what`s real doesn`t it]

which brings me to this and this[which begs the question, why?]

how did you celebrate

and finally a topic very close to my heart, ummm, lips

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