haven’t we got past this trifling shit yet?

August 10, 2003 — Leave a comment

it`s 2003 and they are still using the dress code ploy to keep people out of places in this country. [for those of your unfamiliar with what i speak, in trinidad, if you`re too black to get into a club, then they tell you that you`re violating the dress code, it`s one of many common ploys to keep people out] i had a fantastic evening up until this point. and i`ve decided that i`m not going to let these fuckwits spoil my night. i`m a little peeved and i think they deserve mention but i`m going to my bed a happy camper.

woodford cafe or what used to be woodford cafe, one of the finest eating establishments in trinidad is now a club of some sort, `protected` by some cheap trenchcoat wearing motherfuckers [the trenchcoats are cheap, i`m sure they are too, but i`ll leave off the personal attacks for later.] who stopped me at the door cause i was in violation of the dress code. yes i was wearing sneakers, but i`m pretty sure if i was idle enough to go home and change my footwear, something else wouldn`t be up to scratch.

my problem is we live in a truly multiethnic society and i think we should be way past this kind of fucking shit, but that`s just me, i`m an ambitious dreamer. but know this woodford cafe or whatever this establishment is called is never going to see a cent of my fucking hard earned money.

they and their bouncers could kiss my very brown, very firm ass.

have a good night all.

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