i got my shirts delivered to the laundry [should be able to pick them up on monday], dropped my pants at the tailor [due on monday as well], all i need to do now is finish the last of the work for the presentation, drop it off at the office for mounting up. then, all that`s left is shoe shopping.

even as in touch as i am with my feminine side, it`s a trip that fills me a large degree of dread, but i`m nothing, if not resourceful, i went to payless online and picked the shoe that i would like to purchase. hopefully the stores here, 1. have them in stock and 2. in my size.

shopping for me is a not a process of elimination, it`s more along the lines `first store i find it in, i buy it.`

ok, time to get back to work, i`ll be back later, after the brief foray into the office and the mall for the shoe.

cover me, i`m going in.


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