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August 25, 2003 — Leave a comment

from tamale

1. If you could change your chosen profession, what would you have done instead?

which profession is this? lol. really i would like to be an editor of some sort.

2. Do you have any fears about your future with Vic?

that we`re going to have to spend another year apart, we`re barely holding on as it is, i think another year like this would crush us.

3. What movie has drawn the most emotion/reaction from you?

recently, i`ve been on an emotional rollercoaster so anything can get a reaction out of me. real women have curves had me in tears.

4. Do you believe that where there is love between 2 people, there can ever be a threesome? (I had to ask this one)

i don`t think so.

5. One personality trait you wish you could change or are working on changing.

trying not to say the first thing that comes to my mind.

from pine tree girl

1. Do you do any visual/creative work other then type/graphic arts and if so what?

i used to take photographs, i was apparently pretty good. when i can afford it, i intend to start buying equipment and take it up again.

2. When looking back over the past year what would you do differently?

honestly, the only thing i regret doing in the last 12 months is taking the job i have now. i would have not signed on full time.

3. What is your spiritual outlook?

i believe in a power greater than myself and she has a plan for me.

4. If you were made ruler of the universe for the day what would your first order of business be?

try to get people to understand why intolerance is wrong. i couldn`t command people to be more tolerant, it would defeat the purpose i think.

5. What is your particular kink(s)?

it`s only kinky the first time. that said, hand balling and i`m slowly discovering the joys of being a switch. d/s is not about pain for us, but the surrender of control.

The rules to continue the game:  

If you want to be interviewed by me for fun purposes reply to this and tell me you want to be interviewed.  

1. Leave a comment saying that you want to be interviewed.  

2. I`ll respond and ask you five questions.  

3. You`ll update your journal with my questions and your five answers.  

4. You`ll include this explanation, as I have done here, so that others can take part.  

5. You`ll ask other people five questions when they want to be interviewed.

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