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August 26, 2003 — Leave a comment

last night was lovely [and i`m not being facetious], i got rained on, on my way to dinner, but i love the rain, so i didn`t really mind. it`s nice to stand in the pouring rain watching the lightening flashing across the sky, rain water streaming down your face. i never understood why people shelter from the rain, but that`s just me.

i ended up at ruby tuesday`s last night. easiest to get to, and it`s not so bad eating there by yourself. i had the same thing that i always have [i`m like that about what i like] i`m allergic to shellfish, and fish gives me odd reactions, so i`m a carnivore. i had a great meal but i wasn`t up for the tall cake last night, so i had a hot chocolate. in the midst of my hot chocolate this woman walks in, in these hipster pants, almost made me choke. this woman was old enough to be my grandmother and it was just wrong. good thing i was getting ready to leave.

at the end of the night, the rain and the food, talking to vic, all encouraged the loveliest dreams.

shit. look at the time, i`ll finish this up later. i need to get into the office, it`s raining out, i can hear it on the roof, and the cars swishing by on the wet asphalt outside and i`m not going to use the rain as an excuse for being late.

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