it’s been a hell of a day

August 7, 2003 — Leave a comment

i`m tired, the shoot went well and we managed to not get back to work til almost 3pm. i would have gone straight home, but my boss was in my ass like a tick to finish the logos. i think i`m just going to go into tomorrow and finish them and come back home. i feel like crap.

my stomach has been doing back flips all day, i have a massive headache and i`m tired. and i can`t go to bed now, i`ll be up in the wee hours of the morning plus i have work to do, i have to finish a friends art gallery brochure, the show starts in a week and i have another job converting some quark files. the second job is for my birthday present fund. i want to get myself two things for my birthday, a 20Gb iPod and an 80GB internal drive for my laptop. i have about two weeks to make the money, i think it`s doable.

i`m going to try to eat some food and see if i feel any better and the get to work. i`ll be back later.

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