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August 15, 2003 — Leave a comment

well actually it`s more of the same, but i`m in a python mood. it`s friday evening and i`m home. it`s hot inside and out, i have to go out to work tomorrow, as well as find a pair of shoes and get my shirts laundered. i`m still in a very good mood, none the less.

so at the top of the evening`s entertainment is a quiz which i liberated from ukboy265:

You`re a Non-box.

What box do you get put in?

brought to you by Quizilla

i`m sure i`ve blogged this before, but this site is just too cool not to mention again, VoracityBeat, a fun and classy place for savvy women with a healthy sexual appetite.

a couple of articles from good vibrations:

The Kama Sutra for Busy, Exhausted and/or Lazy Couples

Relaxing Anal Sex

and after another half hour of cruising the web i have nothing left to offer. but wait, we have a last minute contender – pornblography a blog about the porn industry [so obviously NSFW – not safe for work]

ok going to have shower, i`ll be back

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