wash, rinse, repeat

July 14, 2003 — Leave a comment

would be so much easier and effective, my long tressed scion hadn’t used most of the shampoo, but not matter, i got a wash out of what was left and i’m sure i can convince my darling to wash it for me over the coming weekend. 🙂

i think i might just manage to be out of the office all day today, i completely forgot i had a shoot at 10am this morning. the models are likely to be late, meaning we wont start shooting til just before lunch, meaning when it’s done, i can just go home. i’m going to take my bag with me just in case.

waiting on my boss to show up this morning, i guess we have a production meeting, pondering who i can get out of work this morning to go the shoot with me. i’ve realised how much people dislike being in the office, especially the boss is around. my statement about the karma here stands true. but my mood and good spirits are contagious.

i’m going to check on what needs to be done before i leave the building. ciao.

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