please, thank you, sorry, good day

July 11, 2003 — Leave a comment

how hard are these words to say? i used to believe that trinidad had no customer service [i don’t doubt it] but i’ve come to realise that the problem is that trinidadians are just fucking ill mannered.
i don’t want to believe i’m special, because my friends and their children are polite. yeah, we can be fucked up with people we don’t like, but common courtesies come easy to us.
why is it so hard for other people, you get into a taxi a simple good day would suffice. no, hardly ever happen, people bounce into you in the street and look as if they want to beat you.
it wasn’t always like this, i’m sure. the fact that i have manners is indicates that  i learned it somewhere.
well not somewhere, my mother taught me well, there are things i still don’t do reflexively. is this what is missing? is this why we have all these ruffians and our out of control crime situation?

can our national crisis be solved with good manners?

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