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July 5, 2003 — Leave a comment

Saturday-8: “Kid Stuff”

  1. What’s the one memory of your childhood that makes you laugh everytime you look back?

    the first book my mother ever bought me was toodles the taxi, i learned to read it, then i ate it, page by page.

  2. Everyone had a favorite toy, pet, blanket, etc. What was your favorite thing as a kid?

    my books.

  3. What was the most idiodic thing you did when you were a kid?

    hmmm, i have to pick one?

  4. Who was your best friend as a kid?

    i was pretty much a loner, i had my books.

  5. Is there anything that you did when you were a kid that you still do to this day? For example, you might have a bad habit of biting your finger nails.

    still biting my nails and still reading almost anything i put my hands on

  6. Who did you look up to as a kid?

    my mother

  7. What was your favorite snack as a kid?

    sweet and salt prunes (a chinese delicacy, that’s popular in trinidad)

  8. What’s your fondest memory as a kid?

    on the 23rd of every month my mother would get me a book.

oh my… lol…  a sign from god (be careful what you wish for)

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