it’s 8:30pm, do you know…

July 5, 2003 — Leave a comment

…where you wife is? lol.
one of the things that i am is a worry wart. when i don’t know where vic is, i worry about her. it’ ms not a lack of trust thing, it’s the “she’s the best thing to happen in my life and i’d be devastated if anything happened to her” school of thought. and i’m mr. worse case scenario. pick a scenario and i’ll come up with the worst possible train of thought and follow it to it’s logical conclusion.
this may help in some situations but more often than not, it’s a complete disaster. i haven’t spoke to vic since thursday and i can’t remember if she was supposed to come back from her mom’s yesterday or today. and that there is no email, just makes me worry more.

i’m sure vic’s fine and i’m over-reacting. i haven’t started skimming the knoxville news. yet.

i’m supposed to go this pride party tonight, but i don’t want to go and have made contact with vic at all, so dilemmas, dilemmas.

i’m going to make a few calls. i’ll be back in a bit.

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