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July 9, 2003 — Leave a comment

it’s not the same. [bonus points if you can identify where that’s from – trini js excluded]

another restful night, i’m off to work early this morning to see what happened yesterday and try to finish up some work that was due this morning. i think my internet access is going to be limited today, my boss was muttering something about wanting the use of her line back before she left, we’ll see how that progresses.

i still haven’t decided on my js/ijournal dilemma, it should sort itself out by the end of the week, unless i continue to deliberately make mistakes so i have to edit after the post goes up. we shall see. the countdown continues, i’m going to see the apts this evening and i have to help my friend sarah with the catalogue for her art show. i love doing stuff like this, it makes me feel like i’m doing something worthwhile.

ok, here are you wednesday entertainments:

wednesday what-ifs

1. What if you had to write a magazine column on How To Lose A Guy/Girl In 10 Days — what would you write?  why not be honest about it?

2. What if you were offered the choice to risk your life by boarding a pirate ship in hopes of finding and obtaining part of the treasure? nope, money isn’t everything.

3. What if you could pass a congretional bill of your choice? can you legislate away intolerance?

4. What if you discovered you were really a machine? then machines can truly love

5. What if you were bequeathed with all of God’s powers? oooh, is  intolerance freewill? i’d remove intolerance and the mob mentality and see how we progress from there.

Wednesday Whatevers

1. What age would you like to be? Why? i’m pretty happy now. 31 is a good age to be.

2. What is something in the future you’re not looking forward to? vic leaving again

3. Does ESP exist? i think so

and on that note, i foresee myself getting out of here. if i can i’ll post during the day, otherwise, i’ll be back later today with a roundup of point of interest.


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