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July 3, 2003 — Leave a comment

i’ve finally finished hp and the order of the pheonix and as with most books i really like, i’m distraught. i’m debating whether the children will we be up to this. it’s not earth shattering literature but i think there are going to be a lot of tears shed by the end.

vic has been anxious for me to finish so we can chat about it. and now i’m just as anxious to talk to her about it. she’s gone for dinner and drinks with the drag queens so i have to sit tight til she returns, which translates into surfing and blogging.

although i did promise to post all day and didn’t. i was caught up in the book. even it’s digital format, i couldn’t walk away. i can’t wait for my print copy to arrive so i can start over.

and now some links:

today’s pride link

i can’t believe i’ve never linked to modernhumourist. it is one of the funniest places online.

and off acquired taste’s journal, i got

Wednesday What-Ifs(i know it’s thursday, but i’m only a day late)

1. What if you had to choose a single color to remain on Earth?


2. What if you had to choose one song to remain on Earth?

”moonlight” sonata

3. What if you had to choose a single book to remain on Earth?

oh dear, i don’t think that’s possible… it would have to be an anthology of some sort, but… no, i’d give up everything else to keep the books.

4. What if you had to choose one electronic device to remain on Earth (cars & planes included)?

30Gb iPod

5. What if you had to choose a single season to remain on Earth?


the thursday thumb twiddler(it’s on time):

1.  If you knew you could double your money, easily and certainly, in two years, by investing in a company whose activities you seriously disapprove of, would you do it?


2.  Should the goal of the penal system be to remove criminals from public, deterring crime by punishment, or rehabilitating wrongdoers?

all of the above

3.  You’ve been given the responsibility of packing away any three items in a time capsule to be opened up in 400 years.  What would you put in there to give folks an idea of what life is like in 2003?

mp3 player (with a variety of music), a site dump of a blog (js, has so many interesting personalities) and (this is a cheat) the front page of every single newspaper on the planet for one day.

and finally your moment of zen (vic you’ll love this)

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