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July 4, 2003 — Leave a comment

a friend of mine, sent me this very cool toy/link, it’s called


“In a nutshell,  Audioscrobbler endeavours to be your personal music advisor. It grows to know  what music you like by monitoring what songs you play on your computer. From  this information you can discover other users that share some or all of your  taste in music. You can also view data showing what your most-played artists  are, and find out who likes a particular artist the most.   Audioscrobbler makes it easy to find people with similar musical tastes, and allows you to browse their profiles. Automatic suggestion generation is currently under development.”

i’ve signed up and i’m going to post my stats page in the links section here.

and that’s about it. hollywood homicide is boring me a bit, so i’m getting sidetracked.

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