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July 2, 2003 — Leave a comment

there are 16 more days til vic gets here. the dreams are getting more and more intense, i’m sitting here almost basking in the afterglow. cold showers don’t help, i like water. water of any temperature makes my whole body feels… electric… i’d rather stay home and cavort naked but today is the last day my boss is going to be in the office for the week. she’s off on another junket with a client til next wednesday. and i’m in charge, so it’s a day of hand over notes and organisation for stuff in her abscence. tentatively i want to get my hair neated today, there’s something soothing about someone’s hands in your hair.

mine and all the other virgos, breszney for this week:
A fundamentalist is anyone who thinks his belief system trumps all others. Religious fanatics are the most obvious example, but scientists can be fundamentalists. So can socialists or capitalists, environmentalists or atheists. Every fundamentalist divides the world into two camps, those who agree with him and those who don’t. To him, there is one right way and a million wrong ways to interpret reality. Now here’s the uncomfortable news: Every one of us has the fundamentalist virus. It may not be as virulent in you and me as it is in the bad guys we love to hate. But we’re all infected. Luckily, Virgo, you’re in an astrological phase when you can achieve a partial cure. To begin, take everything less seriously and less personally and less literally.

and scorpio:
You’re like an arrow in flight, Scorpio. You’re a half-cooked feast, the fifth month of pregnancy, the week before a big election. When I turned my psychic vision towards you just now, I saw an image of a worker bee freshly returned to the hive to perform the dance that will tell its companions where to find a patch of blooming snapdragons. Have you ever mastered a second language? Where you are at this moment resembles the time right before you attain fluency.

not sure what it all means.

mefi is back up, so here’s all the news (that i find) fit to blog:

the database of unknown movies

rocklist – a collection of  end of year music polls from a variety of sources (quite interesting to say the least)

and this wonderful tidbit that is definitely not going to make mainstream news in the US, not even the alternative news sources seem to be touching it.

us uses aid threat to block icc (i’m including the first couple of paragraphs for those of you who wont click):

The US yesterday threatened to stop aid to countries which refuse to exempt American soldiers from prosecution by the new international criminal court (ICC).

The threat includes close allies such as Colombia, where a US delegation is trying to cajole President Alvaro Uribe to issue a waiver.  

Colombia, which signed the the 1998 Rome Treaty establishing the ICC, could lose nearly $1bn (£600m) a year for its battle against guerrillas and drug warlords. It is the third biggest recipient of US military aid, after Israel and Egypt. Similar threats have been issued to eastern European countries.  

Under a US law passed last year, military aid will be cut off from any state which failed to exempt American soldiers from ICC prosecution by yesterday. The White House opposes the new UN institution because it could try US personnel.

i’ll leave you to mull on that for a while, i need to get ready and get to work, particularly if i want to leave early today.

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