a hard day’s work

July 8, 2003 — Leave a comment

my hair is toit, toit like a tiger. after a marathon session my hair is now neat and bouncy. like a dreadlock hair commercial. i promise never to wait seven plus months to neaten my hair. had to promise the woman that she’d see me in two months as well.

other than a bit of neck and back strain, my day has been thourougly uneventful. went, fixed my hair and came back home. got wet in the rain on the way home which was not a horrendous thing, i like the rain, it was refreshing. but it’s the odd looks from people standing at the side of the road that i don’t understand. we live in a country, with two seasons. a dry (well not so wet season) and a (wet) rainy season. we’re in the rainy season. so theoretically, rain could start falling today and rain for the next six months. people here don’t behave like that… the first sign of rain, traffic slows to a crawl, people crowd the pavement, sheltering from rain as if it’s something new and unexpected. i never understood that. compounding this is the taxi drivers that shoot you dirty looks, as if to say, couldn’t you dry off before you get into my vehicle. what the fuck? it’s raining. that’s why i’m getting in your car, so i can get home and out of the rain. morons.

i’m going to catch up on my mail. see what’s been going on all day. i’ll be back.

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