we’re rich, we’re rich

June 19, 2003 — Leave a comment

well we’re not, but i’ve always said, i never harrass people that owe me money, because when i need it most they usually come through.

so said, so done, this morning i got enough money to get me through the weekend and to payday, as long as i’m thrifty. and not wanting to go through this again next week, i sure as hell am going to be.

otherwise things are fine, i just did the diagnostics on both machines, i’m in the process of doing the last set of os 9 updates, then i’m going to get started on jag.

in the news today

another virgin mary sighting

the world’s luckiest, unluckiest man (just read the damn story)

(another sign of the end times) Tom Cruise is lobbying politicians for money

i’ll be back with more news later, need to go check on the other machine. not in my line of sight.

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