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June 19, 2003 — Leave a comment


how bad is it when you’re borrowing money off your child? i’m about to find out, i’m going to grab a shower, see if there is anything edible in this kitchen, then head off to the office, first order of business, major diagnostics on the art dept machines, then upgrade to os x. i never realised how much i like os x til i have to use 9 on a daily basis and how flaky and counterproductive it is.

in other news, there was this hottie in the italian job. apparently he was also in confidence, but the thought of having to watch ed burns in another movie… well i’d rather have my eye put out with a dull stick… needless to say i’ll be giving it a miss.

underdog onlinecelebrating the underdog and the outsider in a healthily frivolous and assertive way

underdog also has a link to the very secret diaries of the LOTR characters (it’s been around a while, but i had forgotten how funny they were)

and not quite foodie porn – failed foods

i’m off to get something to eat and head off to the office, more later, i’m going to have lots of time on my hands today, while the computers do stuff.

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