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got this from n:


You Are an EXPERT in Bed

You know precisely what you’re doing when the sheets are pulled down and the panties go right along with them.
You’re also super confident, and rightly so.
Because any man who may be fortunate enough to find himself between your legs is a happy man, indeed.
You’re the type of woman men brag about in locker rooms: knowledgeable, adorable, and lickable.
You’ve gotten to the point that you don’t even have to try so hard.
It all just comes naturally: the mouth, the hips, everything underneath.
One lovely little package.

Are *You* Good In Bed?
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Your Sexual Energy is Green!

Your sexual energy is rich, serene, and abundant like the natural world.
You are always feeling your sexual aura flow through you, like a stream.
Rarely do you go anywhere without it.
You seduce people with your luxurious glow.
You do not have to be obvious to express your sexuality.
Others just feel your serene sexual power that resides within.
First dates are a mental dance for you – as you subtly seduce potential lovers.
In bed, you can easily sense your lovers needs and to flow them as needed.
This spiritual click is your primary sexual strength.
However, sometimes you allow your carnal appetite to go too far, and you forget to be cautious.
While it’s awesome and totally liberating to release your inner wild woman… watch out!
Sometimes your pheromones may mislead you.
Check out Natalie Portman and Julia Stiles for some green sexual energy guidance.
When it comes to the hot matches, people who have shades of red, yellow, and pink are strong possibilities.
What Color is Your Sexual Energy?
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