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tearsofice was my 4000th visitor. can’t offer any thing other than a great big thank you for reading my blog.

a quiz and a questionnaire garnered from the various blogs on my favourites list (over there in the right hand column)

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1. What if you had the opportunity to create your own television series?  

i firmly believe that my life is already a soap opera somewhere in the south pacific.

2. What if you had the opportunity to write your own fiction novel series?  

a journal, sort of like this

3. What if you had the opportunity to host your own radio talk show?

good music and lots of friends dropping by to talk about books

4. What if you had the opportunity to create your own business?

coffee house/bookstore

5. What if you had the opportunity to create your own town (and be mayor of it)?

most of the resources would be spent on books, books and more books


Called you: some sales rep

Slept in your bed? me  

Saw you cry: i prefer to cry alone

Made you cry: me, mostly

Spent the night at your house: the pig, sometime ago.

You shared a drink with: karen

You went to the movies with: karen

You went to the mall with: hmmm, three-peat- karen

Yelled at you: no one yells at me.

Sent you an e-mail: bill


Made a milk mustache and showed it to someone: no

Gotten into a fight with your dog/cat/fish/etc?: ummm, no

Been to New York City? ayuh

Been to Florida? lived there  

Been to California? no

Hawaii? No

Mexico? No

China?  No  

Danced naked? In public?! yes and no

Had a dream about something really crazy and then it happens the = > > next day? not necessarily the next day.

Had a mud bath? yes  

Wished you were the opposite sex: yes

Had an imaginary friend: no  


Apples or Bananas? apples

Red or Blue? red

Backstreet Boys or *NSync: NSync

Spring or fall? Fall

Santa or rudolph? both

What are you going to do after you take this survey? think there is another one after this, otherwise sleep.

anime or american cartoons?: Anime

How many of your buddies are online? 3 on aim, not logged in anywhere else.

Last movie you saw? bruce almighty

Last noise you heard: a/c humming in the background


Laughs the weirdest:
not sure, never noticed.

Will grow up and be a model: model what?

Laughs the loudest: pig?  

Have you known the longest? pig  

Knows you the best: pig

Is the loudest: and for the record – pig

Is the quietest: nicole  

Who did you have the most classes with? don’t see any of those people anymore.


The last birthday party you went to:
nicole j’s in early june

Lucky #’s: 3

What is the first thing you reach for when you wake up: pants of some sort, so as not to traumatise the young miss and the seniors

When was the last time you felt like just wanting to tell someone off? i think the better question is when i didn’t

Have you ever been south of Sweden? No  

How would you describe a best friend? someone who listens

Are you a virgin? not for a long time.  

Who is your role model? hmmmm, that’s hard.

If u could repeat one year in your life what year would it be? 2001, make some different choices.

oh, i’m done. time to go home, i should stay and finish this, but i’m not feeling too. i’m actually realising that my intolerance for dairy is coming back in a frenzy, that ice cream is really not sitting well. bleech.

i’ll be back later. aren’t i always?

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