i gave up my very first email address today. looking back it’s been a fun 8 years. it’s been that long, i got that account when one of the first commercial isps in this country opened, it came with my dialup account. when i gave up the account, i had it the email address transferred to a friend’s dialup account, but now he’s gone and the account is being cleaned up. sigh.
the isp wont give me email alone and an address that’s been around so long generates a massive amount of spam, so it’s with a heavish heart i bed farewell to an era.

the exhaustion is here big time, i had a nap earlier, but that was like an appetiser before a starving man, it was just a tease. the only reason i got out the bed was talk to vic and at least send a draft to my client in kz.

i’m going to get this done and get to bed, before midnight hopefully. adieu.

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