didn’t expect that did you?  i love monty python, found the official website 

i’m talking to vic and waiting for her to finish her post. it’s such a joy to be able to talk to her. our 10pm im sessions have been a part of my life for almost three years. 🙂 interrupted only by the 10pm phone calls for the 6 months i was in fl. i miss hearing her voice, just before i fell asleep. the night before vic left to go off to the wild blue yonder, i called and read to her. i hadn’t realised how much i’d missed that. it’s the simple things that make life worthwhile. 

i’m going to bed now, one night closer to curling up in bed with my love. i’m not maudlin or depressed. i feel blessed and happy to have this woman in my life and as a friend pointed out, when you find someone so perfectly suited, you should expect to jump through some hoops to prove your worthiness for such a prize. 

gnight, pleasant dreams to all.

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