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June 6, 2003 — Leave a comment

doubles are a uniquely trinidad delicay made of channa (chickpeas) wrapped in barra (lightly fried… tortilla… would probably the best description). because of where i live and work and their proximity to each other it’s almost impossible to get one, much less a good one. i haven’t had a good doubles in weeks. 

i’m balancing how much cash i have, how much i need to travel and get me through the day, how much needs to be done this morning at work and how difficult it is for me to detour to go and get some doubles. i tire of the pastries from the bakery downstairs my office. 

my cashflow at the moment is somewhat strained, waiting on the annual report (project from hell from about a week ago) cash to come in and we have to reselect models for the shoot this weekend per my boss’ insturctions. somehow i think doubles are out. i should actually be getting ready for work as we speak, but here i am blogging and checking my mail. 

i would really rather stay home and work this morning (actually i just want to stay home) but we’ve got preproduction on this weekend’s shoot and a couple of shoots over the next couple of weeks. sigh. and the interview. 

i’m going to get going, while i can stil convince myself but before i go, here is your moment of zen

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