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June 16, 2003 — Leave a comment

so i had to face the third degree this morning as to why d wasn’t coming back to work. how do i tell my boss that we both think you’re a cheap fuckwit, who has no idea how to manage people and still keep my job?

no worries, i didn’t have to. what i do have to do is come up with a schedule and layouts for an indoor food shoot on wednesday and an outdoor shoot on friday. bearing in mind, it’s the rainy season and it’s a holiday and if the weather’s good it’s going fucking well impossible to find a beach without masses of people.

still i hold on, i’m trying not to flip out and have a hysterical outburst, i’m taking more me time. went downstairs had lunch, reading a book, i brought. new book – does my bum look big in this? (i don’t know if it’s my subconcious bad mood or if the book is really that annoying) but i really just want to smack the main character upside her head.

preproduction meetings this afternoon as well as a site visit to the beach. not as much fun as it sounds, particularly in light of all the other stuff that i need to get done before wednesday. this is a short week here, last working day of the week is wednesday, i may need to come into the office on thursday to reorganise/restructure the setup to better suit my needs.

thus endeth my morning. i hope your day is going better. i’ll be back later. hopefully before i leave for the site visit. otherwise when i get home.

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