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June 16, 2003 — Leave a comment

i left the office early and spent an interesting evening scouting two beach locations, the first was called 100 steps and required a trek down (duh) quite a lot steps, the beach is beautiful but the concept of trekking myself, photographer, assistant, makeup artist, 8 models including 4 children and equipment down and back up (an aside, i need to start working out, just thinking about climbing back up those stairs has me breathless) does not fill me with a great deal of joy, i keep envisioning someone’s child slipping down the stairs. how do i tell a parent, well sorry, they fell. i don’t think so.

on the other beach the tide was coming in, it wasn’t as pretty but more accessible and i paid the price for my little jaunt, my little pleather slip-ons got soaked and my jeans are hanging in the shower drying. it was fun and in the gallery is a picture of the sunset from along the north coast road, it was damp so it was very misty. but that picture alone was worth the trip.

i’m about the check the links, i had not the use of my computer this evening my lord and mistress (my daughter) was busy on the machine.

i’ll be back momentarily. ciao.

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