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June 22, 2003 — Leave a comment

i’d forgotten how energetic i felt after a nap on a sunday afternoon. although, it still doesn’t mean i’m leaving my house.
tonight is the final night of izahvaps (a showcase of local talent). i should go, it’s family, but it’s cold and rainy and i don’t feel like travelling anywhere. there is the complete lack of interest in the local poetry scene, i’ve heard most of them all at one point or another and i think i’m just completely fed up of the scene. it’s same set of people, blowing hot air up each others asses.

i really should be more charitable but ass kissing has never been one of my strong points. actually my thought to mouth filter, never seemed to work well. i’ve learned to bite it back as it’s about to come out. there was a point to this but i forget, so on to other things. metafilter is back up, woo hoo.

the morning news guide to urban etiquette: ny(very, very funny) and the much tamer tube guide

in praise of fuck (a nice op-ed piece)

which helps me segue right back in to my attempts to filter what comes out of my mouth. i’m of the school that there is no bad language, just inappropriate language. that said and done, there i don’t use in the presence of children. good, now that we’ve established the ground rules… as with everything else there is a time and place for everything, i try not to burst out in epithets in the office, but the stupidity level i deal with everyday is guaranteed a could of muttered ‘fucks’.
i’ve also be told that my extensive vocabulary precludes the need for me to use any inappropriate language, but there are time when nothing in my vocabulary beats a ‘motherfucker’. i’ve removed ‘cunt’ from my list of abusive language, it’s a beautiful word, to describe a beautiful body part and it’s also a powerful word, in and out of the bedroom. oh dear, i’ve managed to get this back around to sex again.

i don’t have a one track mind, i swear. going to watch a charmed rerun, be back later.

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