so for the first time (possibly not the last) i have to amend a post made here (with possible apologies to all parties involved) 

i got another phone call this afternoon, taking me to task for my post about my surreal life post (don’t be lazy, go look for it.) apparently it was untrue or misheard or misrepresented or quite possibly all of the above. so my ego is shattered but apparently there are serious ripples. 

that’s the thing about rumours and hearsay, like ripples in a pond with each telling it gets further and further from the truth. 

so to clarify: 

1. i did not have sexual (or any relations) with said young woman (and she never said that she did either) 

2. any other stories originating from the primary tale are also untrue. 

(cue lesson music) 

i learned a valuable lesson today, rumours and heresay are bad. but then again i always knew that. 

i guess when you hear a story that’s too good to be true it usually is. 


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