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May 24, 2003 — Leave a comment

the project i’m working on is still not done, but i’ve made major headway. the important pages are with the client for proofing.

in personal news, i was just rereading vic’s last post and realising that it need some perspective.

here some perspective in your eye (and tell me if you notice any parallels):
vic met someone online, fell in love, got married, moved lock, stock and child to be with her husband, couldn’t work, got depressed, hubby wasn’t quite what he purported to be, vic got more unhappy, more depressed, husband got weird and verbally abusive, vic packs it in and returns home. fast forward some months later, vic meets someone else online, falls in love…

i understand vic reluctance to move here. i haven’t been the best spokesman for trinidad, her worries about getting a job. the last time she moved away with her, she was at least on the same continent. i think she should come clean with her mother, but having some mother issues of my own, i understand her position there as well.

a day later, i’m no longer as angry and upset as i was. vic and are going to make it somewhere, somehow. if she comes and decides she can’t live in trinidad, that’s not going to be the end of the world. we are just going to have to ensure that there are no 8 months windows where don’t see each other.

the bottomline is i love victoria, more than i have ever loved any human being and i’m not giving her up for anything.

today is the piglet’s birthday, so i’m off to spend some quality time.

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