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May 6, 2003 — Leave a comment

i just caught the beginning of escape from LA and thought – fact is truly stranger than fiction, everyday i read something else that makes me ponder about the ‘land of the free’ concept…

there is the latest insanity by walmart (don’t these people have anything better to do with their fucking time)

and then there is this brilliant piece in the Progressive Review about the current us adminstration trying to teach the iraqis democracy any thing that begins like this:

Tired of killing Muslims, we are now trying to teach their survivors some democracy.
There are a number of practical problems with this, among them being that the curriculum is in the hands of the most authoritarian, deceitful, anti-democratic, and constitution-wrecking administration we’ve ever had. But there’s an even more disturbing matter: wander around your nation’s capital and try to find something better. Leaving aside anomalies such as the ACLU and the Cato Institute, a few members of Congress, and a handful of anachronic journalists, this town shows virtually no interest in liberty, the Constitution, or democracy these days – except when prescribing them to those in far away lands.

read it in it’s entirety here

and for those of you who wonder where i get a lot of my entertainments, try metafilter (thank you vic)

ooooh, just saw this one truly a woman after my own heart. 

i’m off to keep myself distracted, i don’t seem to have an kind of control over my body, not that i want to, but it’s just so pointless by myself.

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