day seven

April 14, 2003 — Leave a comment

this blog is brought to you today by the letter: G

‘G’ is the first letter in the words: generous, giving, gregarious, gracious, gargantuan, gothic, galvanise, gather, goad, gore, gonad, glorious, glowing, gay, gray, grain, genius.

nothing like mental stimuli to get the day started, please feel free to contribute you words. if i don’t find a way to keep myself entertained, i’ll hate myself even more for going to this crappy job.

do you have any idea what it feels like to look at you pay cheque and laugh hysterically. i’m obviously not cut out for this, i hope i hear something from that other interview soon, i’m unchallenged and making money i could make freelance in less than 8 hours.

this sucks, not in a good way, but with teeth and the fumblings of an unwilling teenager.

i owe, i owe, so it’s off to work i go…

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