i haven’t done much all evening other than geek with my fellow mac heads about the new machines and trying out what new software is available. ichat a/v and safari are amazing. ichat is a beta and works perfectly out the gate. the new hardware is nice, but i’m not big on desktops anymore, i’m waiting to see what the new laptop offerings are. although i don’t see a new machine, anywhere in my near future. i should be working i have some web development to finish, but i’ve been invited to go the movies, so when i get home i’ll get work.

i really don’t feel like doing anything at the moment. i’m hoping by the time i get back from seeing finding nemo i’ll be prepared to finish this website.

vic is a chapter shy of finishing her copy of hp, i’m enjoy it vicariously. if i don’t get the copies from my friend who is travelling this weekend, i wont get to read it til vic leaves (as if i’m going to be interested in anything hp is doing when i’m seeing my wife for the first time in almost 10 months)

i’m going to call and see if the movies are still on, either way, i’ll be back later.

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