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please stand by

May 11, 2005 — Leave a comment

over the coming weeks there will be a drop off in the volume of posts here; as if there haven`t been already.

my writer`s block continues in force, my part-time employment limits what i can say about technology; especially as it pertains to apple and i find myself on probation at my full-time job.

this combination of factors is making it harder for me find the energy to post on a daily basis.

that’s not it

April 2, 2004 — Leave a comment

i`ve been trying to write another one of those satirical pieces that i did earlier this week, it`s coming together, but i`m kind of cranky today so it`s a little more bitter sounding that it`s original intent. the piece can keep, so i`m going to leave it alone for a little while.

the moving continues piece by piece there are only a couple more boxes in the garage, then we have the attic to face and the large stuff that requires the truck and able hands. our addresses are officially changed, the utilities are all in place and what is our only extravagance; dsl; the modem arrived today and the line is functional. although i`m not entirely sure if dsl counts as an extravagance, in this day and age it seems like a necessity.

we have a pair of snakes under our stoop, apparently. they are the good kind, the bug and rodent eating variety, so that`s a good sign, a visit from an exterminator may not be necessary.

i`m feeling very rundown and cranky today and i think i`ll quit this while i`m ahead.