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one of my favourite web boards tribelife is back
it’s a caribbean centred message board, lively dicsussion and interesting topics, feel free to check it out, join, post if you feel like.


i’m trying to pysche myself up to go to work. i would really love to just crawl back in to bed.

top 5 reasons i should go to work:

5. i have stuff to do.
4. people are relying on me
3. it’s something to do
2. i need the money
1. i really need the money.

in other job related developments i called the guy that said i was selling myself cheap, he said he’d get back to me at the end of the month (yesterday), guess what… he’s out for the week. is that a sign of what.

ok, i can do this, walk away from the computer, have a shower, get dressed, go to work.