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settling in

June 10, 2003 — Leave a comment

today has been one of those days, all manner of hysterical running around, putting out small fires, starting a few under peoples ass. what’s truly funny is that through all of this i haven’t actually done any design work. i have a logo and some ads to design for an upcoming campaign and i am uninspired. nothing is going to happen in the next 40 minutes. i’m sure.

less than  a day into it, i’m questioning if i want this job. it’s a matter of time management, actually it’s a matter of management, the question is how good a manager am i? do i want to be a manager?

my mood seems to be slipping and the edge of the pit seems closer than usual, i hate this place (no, not the country or my job, that’s settled in to gentle loathing) this place, this uncertainty, the loneliness, the depression. this is not me, i am control of my life…

fuck, i’m heading to the melodrama. i’m going home, hopefully, i’ll find my focus by the time i get home.