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i was going for domestic goddess, but i decided against it because i hate ironing.

i have just returned from the laundry. 10 weeks of dirty clothes washed and folded, i feel invigorated, doing laundry always brings me clarity. the gentle hum of the washing machines and the sound of clothes tumbling in the dryer always relaxes me.
i even enjoy the folding, but the ironing. oh the ironing. bleech. 

speech of bleech – boos for cheer. sometime ago when i was palnning on washing i asked my mother to get me some detergent at the supermarket, i’m sure i asked for (free plug here) tide. instead she brought home cheer. fast forward to tonight i’m taking my jeans out of the dryer and realising that they are still kind of nasty looking. what the fuck? i did not spend close to $50 on a box of detergent for my clothes to come out looking less than sparkling. luckily, like i said before laundry makes me very zen. so for you other domestic god(desse)s — CHEER – bad! TIDE – good!

which in the circuitous way my mind works, brings me to the my earlier apology/retration/correction. i’ve been pondering what is and is not fair material for my blog? and in one of my moments of laundry induced zen i have concluded – that i will blog about the things that are going on in my life, the (adult) people that occupy said life (or lack thereof), unless (and this is the kicker) i am asked by any person mentioned, in thought, deed, name or description, never to do so again. i think that’s fair. 

if you don’t think so, well as i said in my very first post, fuck you and the horse you rode in on. this is the internet, you are not strapped to a chair and forced to come here, you came of your own volition and the same speed with you clicked to get here, is the same speed you can click to get out.

not that i’ve gotten that off my chest, i’m off to talk to my wife.

and now your moment of zen