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just got back from see the matrix reloaded again. it was as much fun the second time around. it was a lovely end to a lovely evening. i went and had dinner and a beer with k, then we went off to the movies. all evening i’ve been wondering what vic’s been up to and talking about her constantly. it’s nice to be able to talk to someone who understands and doesn’t just roll their eyes and think here he goes again. 

i really should be sleeping, i have the call for this shoot in about 5 hours. i’m addicted, not really, it’s just posting gives me an opportunity to clear my mind. it’s like a reset button, i can channel all my distress or any thing i’m obsessing about here and as you can tell i obsess a lot. 

i’ve been noticing a change in the quality of my spam of late, i used to get tons and tons of porn, now my spam is mostly about penis or breast enlargement, viagra or the most amusing of all rogaine. i need none of these products and if i did why would i buy them from people who can’t spell far less put a proper sentence together. there was no point to that, it’s just one of the things i obsess about. 

i was talking to k tonight about really funny animation online and i realised she still hadn’t seen weeeeee! by threebrain (so k this is especially for you and for anyone else who’s never seen it go now!) we were also discussing our love for mittens & snowdrop, little goth girl, mr. snaffleburger and samurai lapin and you can see all of these at the other side and for all of you that become fans, there are images for LJ and avatars as well. 

knock yourselves out. keifel go bye bye.