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i used to cruise target

September 13, 2003 — Leave a comment

not to pick anyone up mind you. but living in naples, fl, on my own, my choices of entertainment were limited. i didn`t play golf and i think drinking on my own is a beginning sign of alcoholism. so i was left with cruising through target. not actually buying anything most trips. just walking up and down through the aisles. i like target.

the first weekend after i moved to naples, i drove up to see vic. to propose actually, but that`s another story. 11 hours. florida is the worst fucking state to get out of. my god, i started driving at six and didn`t get to georgia til one the following morning. mind you there was a brush fire on the highway so i had to detour, but that was only 90 minutes.

but i got side tracked. on the sunday before my drive back, vic and i made a trip to target, to stock up for the apt. it was such an enjoyable trip. we were conspicuous consumers. sigh.

anyway back in naples, i found walking about target comforting and fun until one fine day these two women started following me around. i think i went to get toothpaste and toilet paper and dishwashing liquid. but i was roaming about aimlessly as well. i was blissfully unaware as i walked through the aisles, bent over my cart, til i heard this tittering behind me.

i looked back and there were these two women. as i turned around they stopped. i thought nothing of it, until i realised that they were following me.

i think it was my ass. i have a third generation ass. it`s big and round, impossible to miss and firm. my body grows in proportion to my ass, i think. i inherited it from my mother and passed it on to my children. my jeans are at least a size bigger than my waist to accomodate my ass.

i miss target, even with the strange women following around.

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