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it that time of year; school is out and the mommies are out in force per the schedules of the children and they are a joy to behold. as i`ve said before i find the mothers that populate Nashvegas far easier on the eye than the university students. and this is the time of year these women shine. out come the shorts and the sleeveless tops and the minis and little dresses. it`s a joy to behold.

it`s not about nakedness for these women, it`s about what`s comfortable. i`m yet to see a piece of ass floss. i may be alone here but i don`t think you have to be naked or nearly naked to be sexy. there is a lot to be said for the sexiness of discovery. there is no tease or anticipation with the ass crack and/or the pudenda on display.

i`m not advocating that women be covered from head to foot, i`m just saying the current fashion trend towards excessive nakedness is unappealing to me.