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more harm than good

November 1, 2004 — Leave a comment

because of our neighbourhood and its proximity to the university, i see a lot of people running and it`s appalling.

long ago, when i was half as young and half as heavy, i used to run; 5 and 10K races. i was pretty good; i was in a road runners club, i trained regularly, i chose my shoes carefully, i was dedicated.

it distresses me to see all these people running badly and doing themselves a tremendous amount of harm.  just watching them run, is painful, most of them have incredibly bad form; arms and legs flailing and the worst foot placement. i don`t even want to get into the ill equipped people but i do have one word to the wise, always invest in a good sports bra if you`re going running.

my knees are almost completely shot, through a combination of factors; road running, basketball and weight gain. but of the three the strain put on my knees by weight gain only serve to exaggerate the trauma i put them through running on high impact surfaces and too some extent i knew what i was doing.

road running is high stressful on the knees and ankles particularly without a good cushioned shoe and worse when you don`t run properly.

learn to run smoothly, in an almost fluid motion, the power of your stride should come from your back and not by landing hard on your feet. pounding pavement is not good for your knees. and for goodness sake don`t continue running if you`re injured.