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i`m a big music fan with diverse tastes, but i can`t stand modern R&B. I grew up on Marvin Gaye and the Motown sound, so all this crap now masquerading as music, just makes me wince. i am not a prude, not by anyone`s stretch of the imagination, but what passes for R&B today, disgusts me. i don`t need to have everything explained to me, the same way i don`t need to see the print of your labia through your clothing, it just lacks subtlety.

listen to Marvin, Teddy, Barry, sure they`re talking about sex, but it doesn`t have to be blatantly in your face. Go back even further to the jazz standards,  it`s still subtle.  I was listening to the Lady Ella`s Isn`t this a lovely day, it`s about staying in with your lover on a rain day, structured and beautiful without ever being nasty. even Grace Jones, showed more discretion in her one hit than any of the current crop of R&B posers.

this phenomenon isn`t limited to R&B, it seems wide spread over musical genres, from calypso to rock, people don`t write anymore. or is it that people no longer read, so the subtlety of word play is lost on them?

or as Sparrow said when confronted by accusations of lewdness — “Kill them dead, is the vice in dey own head”