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entropy – a doctrine of inevitable social decline and degeneration.

i’m fascinated by entropy and the adage ‘may you live in interesting times’ is not really a curse. in some small way i wanted to see total financial collapse not because i have nothing to lose, but because i believe the system is flawed and an implosion might be the thing to help reset the system. i’m amused by how quickly the shift occurs from free market to capitalism to government supported socialism when personal wealth is on the line.

where we are now is as a direct result of greed. plain and simple. and all the bailout does is reward that. the whole mortgage crisis was a giant pyramid scheme and now as always the suckers are left holding the bag. in this case the suckers are us. with the bailout no one is going to get penalised for their avarice. if you stop and look at it, the middle class is going be the ones left bleeding from the ass yet again – the people who were responisible and took their money and ran have a ton of mechanisms in place to ensure they pay as little tax as possible and the poor don’t have anything to take anyway so that leaves one group to foot the bill.