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keifel for president?

October 1, 2004 — Leave a comment

according to a poll conducted by an independent source, as many JS respondents would vote for me as would for the incumbent.

i didn`t even know i`d been nominated, but as i pointed out, i`m doubly constitutionally ineligible for the post; under 35 and not a US citizen. although i don`t know if the US constitution will last another four years of the current administration. i think that is my biggest problem with this administration; their arrogance when it comes to the constitution; anything that doesn`t suit their purposes can be amended.

i avoided the debates last night because when it comes right down to it, i didn`t care. this is silly season, both candidates will say whatever people want to hear at this point to get elected. at the end of the day, the lobbyists and the corporations run the country, any country. absolute power corrupts absolutely and with enough money you can buy absolute power.