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May 3, 2004 — Leave a comment

i generally watch four hours of tv a week. i`m very specific about my tv watching, Alias on a Sunday, Gilmore Girls on a Tuesday, Smallville and Angel on a Wednesday.

last night the wife who is a disaster flick fan got me to give up alias for nbc`s 10.5. what a waste, a lot of good talent for a poorly written, poorly edited piece of dreck.

i had the whole plot outlined in 15 minutes including the nuclear detonations. that why i generally don`t watch much tv, it`s too predictable. even the commercials are predictable. the other thing last night was the constant commercials for friends, my god, talk about milking the cow.

i don`t give a shit. never liked friends. i know some people that would think that my last utterance was sacrilege, but it`s true, i`ve never found it particularly funny, it`s never moved me. i`ve never found that level of self-absorption even mildly amusing. if i want light and frivolous fantasy, i watch charmed, that at least is a little more believable.

where does the good writing go? i know television is the lowest common denominator, but it`s getting a point where between the level of stupidity between scripted and `unscripted` television is completely blurred and once something appeals to the masses everyone seems eager to fall over themselves to copy it.

there is a short story, i can remember by Roald Dahl, the Great Automatic Grammatizator [don`t be lazy, go look it up], which describes a computer that writes novels, i think that day has come, especially to television — tired, formulaic, detritus.