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we can has kitten

June 19, 2008 — 2 Comments

i am and have always been a cat person. i’d rather have their aloof attitude than the pandering acceptance of dogs any day but between having an apartment with carpet and vic allergies it never really came up until now, after our last mouse incident, we decided it was time to get a cat.

we realised that most of vic’s recent interactions with felines had not left her snotty and swollen so we decided to give a short hair cat a try and with most things our new kitten fell into our lap. a co-worker had a stray deposit her litter in her crawl space, presenting us with an opportunity.

so without further ado, i present ‘Orion,’ so named by the boychick for the orange tabby in the original MiB movie, although i think our kitten is cuter.

Orion - MGM Impression