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if i had a million dollars

September 20, 2004

well if i had enough money to not have to work another day in my life there are two things i would do; i would paint houses and pump gas.

for the first i`d probably join habitat for humanity just so i could paint and make a difference. i like painting, even ceilings, it`s a relaxing and calming occupation for me. a roller or a good brush, a container full of paint and a blank surface and i can find many hours of calm and comfort and no it`s not the fumes.

although the pumping gas might be about the fumes. gasoline is one of those smells that i like along with rain on hot asphalt and freshly printed material. those are the artificial smells that i can stand. i don`t most other manmade scents very well, even the thought of walking through the perfume section of a department store is enough to give me a headache, much less for the duty free section of the airport.

i can deal with some scents on people although i think most people tend buy stuff that they can smell on themselves and i think the reverse should be true. if you`re buying a scent for yourself, it should blend with your natural scent, it should be subtle, a gentle highlight; not an overwhelming assault.