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i`ve been hearing varying opinions on the blender 50 worst songs of all time and it got me thinking, these are just songs. some of them are one hit wonders, others are mostly talented musicians who just went wrong somewhere.

the 9th circle of my own personal musical hell is more about artistes whose every utterance cause my ears to haemorrhage and my brain to leak from every available orifice.

in my circle i`m strapped to a chair, front stage; with surround sound speakers around me tuned to the deadly quartet of celine dion, peter cetera, barbra striesand and the bastard child of all that is evil and wrong on this planet, michael bolton on lead vocals with musical accompaniment by yanni, kenny g, john tesh and ace cannon. background vocalists include neil sadaka, john denver, richard marx and the backstreet boys with guest raps by the cash money clique and  a plethora of guest vocals, all of whose names escape me at the moment; singing a medley of their greatest hits, over and over and over again.

i`ll be the first to admit that even though my musical tastes are diverse, i listen to a great number of things; the current track being one in question; that most people find unappealing, but you don`t hear most of what i listen to on the radio with any regularity. these artistes; and i use the word loosely; have been unleashed on a unsuspecting public, repeatedly.

this is my own personal hell, but i`m sure you have one of your own as well.