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it’s midevening i’m sitting around the house by myself in darkness, well not complete darkness, the light from the monitors is enough, i can touch type… i’m looking for some kind of outlet to lash out.

the main phone line has been disconnected (well i can receive calls, but i can’t make any) because i didn’t pay the bill, well that’s obvious, what did i expect. well i expected, that i did a job and would have been fucking paid. this is the fucking annual report project. what is pissing me off even more, is the attitude of the fucking woman. “well i haven’t been paid, i don’t have any money.”


i spent 4 days and as many nights, quite a few of them on very little sleep to finish the job, she didn’t check the job on the press and it printed like shit and now i have to be suffering? and the only reason i haven’t tore into her ass as i rightly deserve to, is because she’s a friend of mine’s wife.


i am talented, skilled, i should not have to be scrambling to make ends meet in this fucking godforsaken excuse of a country. all kinds of idiots and morons with not a lick of talent are out there making money hand over fist. can i? NO! i’m difficult to work with! why? because i don’t put up with shit.

i think i’m really angry at myself, because i broke the fucking rule. half upfront. don’t deliver finished artwork with out a cheque in hand. so here i am 2 weeks later, still not paid. and what pisses me off even more this is the norm here. unprofessional fucks.

my eye is twiching, that’s never a good sign. i haven’t been this angry in a long, long time, i’m grateful that i’m home on my own. actually you know what, i’m going to call and demand my money now, let’s see how that goes…

i’ll be back later.