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i’m home, back all cleaned up, checking the news. i fell asleep in the car on the way home and i feel strangely tired which is odd, i went to bed fairly early last night and then slept in this morning. i’ve got a batch of links to share, so i’m going to get right into it… 

first is the new Deep Net search engine (puportedly the Google killer) 

pride month is getting under way and planetout has some interesting features 

the evil that is women in pants 

an interesting op/ed piece from the nytimes 

the credit card prank 

i was going to include a dan savage link here, but it will only make sense if you’re a regular reader. if you’re interested you can read it and the backstory at the village voice or dan’s website (go find the link, lazy bastard) 

six degrees of sexual frustration 

more from the village voice 

and finally a sexy manifesto from 

going to get something to eat and have conversations online with friends. i’ll probably post before i go to bed. adieu.